Smart, Steady & Safe

Producing and selling high-performance battery technology and serving major tv stations and professional recording studios around the world since 1995.


1.5v High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries.

Individual Battery Charger Fast Charging for iPowerMAX AA Rechargeable Batteries.

Immediately & Greatly Improved the Wireless Signal. Light weight and extended life span.

Individual Battery Charger Smart and stable Charging for Rechargeable Batteries.

Product Information

We provide all technical information and paperwork of our products to our dealers.
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About Us


Founded in 1995, iPowerUS is a Los Angeles-based technology company that specialized in manufacturing high-quality lithium batteries and li-polymer batteries for tv stations, recording studios, professional sound systems, and engineering electronic equipment worldwide for professional use. All products are designed in the US and manufactured in China and Taiwan. With 8 company branches and 20 authorized dealerships around the world, iPowerUS ships its product globally.

Branches offices

iPower Corporation (USA)
iPower (Canada Branch)
Mega Cycle Technology Limited (B.V.I. & Taiwan and Hong Kong)
Taidu Technology Co., Ltd. (China)