AA 3610mWh 1.5V LiPolymer Rechargeable Battery

AA 3610mWh 1.5V LiPolymer Rechargeable Battery

  • iPowerMAX AA3610 mWh is a New Generation Battery with a brand new design. (Model number: IPAA-3610)

  • Latest technology to maintain constant 1.5V output from beginning to end.

  • Greatly and instantly Improve the Wireless Signal

  • Stable and high performance output, Strong signal, no noise & no interference.

  • Brand new Ternary formula for higher voltage and capacity

  • 3610mWh is equivalent to NIMH battery 1.2V 3008mAh.

  • Internal Li-Polymer cell is more stable & secure.
    iPowerMAX Li-Polymer battery fast charge will not heat up!

  • Longer service life than NIMH battery, Light weight, no memory effect.

  • Connect up to Eight batteries in series in one device (12V).

  • Maximum output current 2A

  • Short Circuit Protection (Automatic Release)

  • Protection against connecting batteries backwards

  • Battery charging is controlled by intelligent charging module inside the battery.

  • The Red LED is displayed on the head of the battery during charging and goes out when battery fully charged.

  • The charging voltage is automatically adjusted (under 6V)

  • The charging current is automatically limited (under 500MA)

  • Automatic CV trickle charging, automatic shuts off when batteries are fulling charged.

  • Do not use in high current output devices such as motorized toys, electric tools or camera flash lights...etc.

  • It is recommended to use the All new iPowerMAX Exclusive Fast Charger (AAUC8):

    • Battery Red LED lights = Batteries Charging,

    • Battery Lights Off = Batteries Fully Charged.

    • Flashing Red Lights = Defective Battery

    • The new iPowerMAX charger "AAUC8" can successfully revive the iPowerMAX battery when the ultra-low voltage protection leads to deep sleep due to excessive use, and charge it completely for the best performance.


If the new iPowerMAX batteries are used together with older versions, then the limit of using four batteries in series, output current 1A, according to the old battery specification applies.

Use only with iPowerUS specified USB power that came with the package or use qualified “5V3A” USB power supply. Low powered power-supply (<3A) will over load, causing overheating, slow charging or automatic power cut-off.

AA 3610mWh 1.5V LiPolymer Rechargeable Battery