iPowerMAX Exclusive Fast Charger (AAUC8)

A red light on the top of the battery indicates charging.

The red light will turn off when charging is completed.

Fast charge 8 iPowerMAX batteries in 2 hours!

Simple, Light Weight and Low Cost!

  • All new iPowerMAX Exclusive Fast Charger (AAUC8):
    Battery Red LED lights = Batteries Charging
    Battery Lights Off = Batteries Fully Charged
    Flashing Red Lights = Defective Battery

  • The AAUC8 charger can successfully revive the iPowerMAX battery when the ultra-low voltage protection leads to deep sleep due to excessive use, and charge it completely for the best performance.

  • ONLY FOR iPowerMAX Batteries! Do not charge any other type of batteries, including Ni-CD / Ni-MH and earlier versions of iPowerUS batteries; it may cause damage or accidents.

  • Use only with iPowerUS specified USB power that came with the package or use qualified “5V3A” USB power supply. Low powered power-supply (<3A) will overload, causing overheating, slow charging or automatic power cut-off.

*AAUC8 charger with USB Type-C cable.

Optional USB Power 5V-3A:

5V3A USB Power (UL)

5V3A USB Power (GS)

5V3A USB Power (AS)

5V3A USB Power (BS)