9V Battery Fast Smart Charger

Model No.: BC-9V4L

  • Li-Polymer (Li-ion) Batteries Charging mode:

  • 4 independent charging channels.

  • Smart charge functions with CC (constant current), CV (Constant voltage) & Balance series.

  • Smart charge Li-Polymer 9V 800mAh battery in 4~5 hour.

  • Auto detection, auto protection and auto stop.

  • Dual color LED display (Charging: Red, Full: Green)

  • Charger will shut off after the batteries are fully charged. (CV trickle charge).

Safety Protection:

  • High Temperature, Reverse insert, Defective battery, Non-rechargeable battery, Over Charge.

  • Repair lithium battery performance charge mode.

  • 4 Independent channels with dual color LED.

  • Charging different capacity batteries at the same time.


  • Do not charge other types of batteries (NIMH, NiCd, other non-rechargeable batteries)

Charger Package:

  • 9V Battery Fast Smart Charger *1

  • Universal power adapter *1 (AC100V~240V, Optional: UL, PSE, GS/TUV, SAA, UK)

9V Battery Fast Smart Charger